What it takes to be a female software developer – Anne Alu

Our spotlight today flashed on a fun-to-be-with lady who is experienced in the field of software development.

Anne is a computer science graduate from the University of Benin, she initially majored in Commercial Arts while in secondary school, but early enough she developed interest in sciences and pursued her new-found dream. Today she is a senior software developer,

With knowledge in various technology areas, such as; financial technology, ecommerce and mobile development. She is a friend of PINK IT and also shares the passion of Nigeria having more female developers.

Q. Can you take us through your journey to the world of computer science?

I was curious as a child and sometimes I asked questions I didn’t get answers to, so I turned to reading books for my information and as I grew older, I developed an interest in Mathematics which spurred me to pursue a career in sciences. I got into the university to study computer science and found out about programming which I had no previous experience in. In my first year, I met some really good friends who introduced me to computer programming and I became fascinated with  what I could get the computer to do with a few lines of code. From then on, I couldn’t think of any other thing I wanted to do, than to write programs. After school, I kept on learning through online materials.

Q. How have you enjoyed it?

It’s been a great experience for me so far, I’ve learned a lot and still am. The rapid rate at which technology is evolving means you have to try to keep up with it. I like the fact that my thought processes are stretched to figure out ways to solve problems. Computer programming has made me to critically analyse situations and come up with possible solutions. It’s been a joy to see people use the solutions I was a part of building. Also, I’ve met some really intelligent and funny people along the way.

Q. What advice do you have for other ladies like you who wish they could come into the field but are scared?

I most certainly would not be where I am today without God; as I have learnt to entrust Him with my life and follow His leadings. I cannot also overemphasize the place of determination and focus, and the understanding that you do not have anything to prove to anyone but yourself. Commit to developing yourself, consider internships and training courses and look for mentors who could guide you on your path. Don’t be discouraged by the tough environment and try not to get too emotional about problems but critically analyse the situation and look for possible solutions.

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