Interview with Funmilola Kesa, a .DOT Net Developer

This week, Pink IT caught up with another smart lady and a friend of Pink IT. She is Oluwafunmilola Kesa.
‘Funmi is a .DOT Net developer at TIMWE group, she enjoys solving problems, she loves to learn from- and work with enthusiastic people who love what they do. Please read below our interview with her



Pink IT : Can you tell us about your journey to the world of software development?

Funmi: My journey to the world of software development started in my 4th year as an undergraduate. I studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. During my 4th year, I embarked on a 6-month industrial training at AppZone. AppZone is a financial solution provider that develops banking applications and other related financial software. My programming skill was developed through interactions with senior developers at the company. I built a core banking application which helped me to understand the nitty-gritty of software development. With the programming knowledge I got from the internship, I was able to implement an algorithm for my final year project. Upon graduation, I was called back by AppZone to work for them. I worked on a team of 5 to build a mobile social payment application called Zone. In addition, I participated in several hackathons that further improved my skills. I also worked as a freelance developer to build web applications. I attend developers’ events to learn about latest technologies.

Pink IT: How have you enjoyed programming?

Funmi: I have always enjoyed developing software. I love to fix bugs, improve existing features and implement new features. I also love to work in a team because I see it as a way to improve my skills. I believe no man is an island.

Pink IT: What advice do you have for ladies who wish to come into this field but are scared?

Funmi: I believe software development is the best place for ladies to be. Trust me, it’s easier to write codes than to write a blog article (Lol). Once you understand the basic concepts of programming, you can apply it to any programming language you wish to learn. Learning a programming language is more or less like learning Mathematics or French. All you need to do is persevere and ask questions. Besides, ladies should stop looking at software development as men’s thing. The first programmer was a lady. If she could do it, we can do it also.

Being a female software developer has exposed me to several opportunities such as the Google EMEA travel grant to attend the 2013 Grace Hopper Conference. There are several opportunities out there for female software developers. My advice to the ladies is to believe in themselves, persevere and do it.

Pink IT: Thank you.

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