My Pink iT Journey So far – By Sayo Babalola

The Encounter:

I was scanning through my emails  as usual one afternoon when I saw a mail from Pink iT showing the schedule of interviews with semi-finalists. I was so excited my name got shortlisted.

I scheduled my interview and anxiously waited, and got everything ready for the Skype interview. The interview went well but there was connectivity issues, this made the video experience not good as I had imagined it to be. We had to disable video and use audio, and then, later switched to chat so as to communicate well with my interviewer. Fortunately for me, I was selected along with nine other girls from the 20 semi – finalists.

My background:

Years back, I have been wanting to learn web development but couldn’t. Even though I managed to self-develop a skill in C# and Windows Software development, I have always wanted the feel of a physical and actual software development training. The coolness of learning in the classroom is different and exciting. Learning coding in a classroom setting helps my learning curve as I can collaborate well with the tutor(s) and other code-famished girls like me 😋

Classroom again:

My experience on the first day at the training site gave me a great impression about what was ahead. Despite the trouble navigating to the location on time. I found the classroom to be very conducive for training and the atmosphere was also encouraging and promising.

The first 2-week was the beginning of awesomeness. I was introduced to the best practices when launching a tech start-up; I learnt how to improve my ideas, what to do and what not to do at the early stage(s) of my deployment. There were usually a few more sessions and of course, a nice lunch.

Web builder:

The third week, the technical training started with HTML. That week refreshed my mind about my existing knowledge of HTML and also highlighted on some parts which I never used. I learnt some new tricks and we were allocated tasks.

There isn’t any better explanation to describe the role of CSS in an HTML code than to use ‘the sugar in my tea’. The fourth week was about CSS. I have never laid my hands on anything CSS. I tried out a lot of code combinations; improved my dominance use of ‘<table>’ to a better use of ‘<div>’. It was really a beautiful moment for me being able to write better structured HTML codes.

Week after week, It keeps getting better. I have been acquiring more knowledge about web tools. We did try out some exercises with Bootstrap, another improvement on my CSS knowledge ☺.

At a time, the real coding began as we started JavaScript. I enjoyed learning to write JavaScript functions and effectively using some common terms of JavaScript. However, I have been studying and practising more of JavaScript.

We rounded up JavaScript and Bootstrap this week (February’s second week). Now, I can proudly say; I am proficient in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. I am so looking forward to learning about database next week 🙂.

Pink iT Weekly tasks:

After every week’s session, one or two intensive tasks is assigned and it focuses on implementing the accumulative knowledge acquired over the span of the training. All assignments are given an average of 5 days for completion and submission is via email.

My first assignment was to use HTML to create a personal website implementing some tags such as: table, img, p and a tags. My idea was to use some data from my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles, combined with some cool write-ups about me.

I created the site with the HTML tags specified by our tutor, Abiola Ilupeju, I was so proud of the site when I was zipping it for submission. Everyone’s site was projected for everyone to see so we all can improve our skills. I picked a few ideas from other submissions. I was happy I could make a site that nice, even though it was very simple-looking site. The weekly assignments has helped me retained much of what I have learnt and also keeps me busy doing what I love doing.

Fun Moments:

I have always found the entire class very interesting and lively and this is due to the amazing tutor(s) and the fellow learners. I get along with everyone and have often worked with Kehinde Olaniyi and Iveren Shayguy, the lazy girls that usually have our tea in the hall because we don’t want to walk back to drop our tea cups, unlike others that take theirs to class 😏

In conclusion, the whole exercise has been fantastic I love that I am learning and with ladies, that are as passionate about technology as I am.

Oluwasayo Babalola is a participant in the Pink IT Women Empowerment programme. Her profile can be found here

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